A charming summer night

作者: attentiv   发布时间:2020年04月17日

  Quiet summer, the sky is full of stars, this song sings the summer night in my heart. Summer nights do have a distinctive charm! The sound of the water, the evening wind, the sun walking for a day close to the west of the earth, but it is bigger, rounder and redder. At that time, Yin Ruo was broken into mottled waves on the surface of the water wrinkled by the evening wind, and a light twilight floated in the water.

  No sooner had the sun sunk into the horizon than a large red glow rose from the western sky. When the glow disappeared, the Venus beat him to it, shining brightly in the sky as if she had just been fished out of the water.

  The night is getting thicker and the stars are getting more and more. The stars in the sky are intertwined with their own little light. Although not as bright as the sun, nor as clear as the moonlight, it is bright, like a camp paved with thin quicksand in harmony in the sky. This and that wide, that long, it seems to hear the sound of running water. He was hiding from the cores on both sides of the silver lock and the lights on the ground. Don't have any fun. This year's severe wThis year's severe winter has just been sent away by the spring breeze, and the wheat has begun to return to green. People are happy to think of here, laughter and laughter continue to fly up, like waves on the calm water. Yeah, it's time for people to have a good day's work and have fun.

  The moon came up a string moon, she was clear and gentle, like a late fairy. As soon as the moon appeared, it scattered the star mirrors all over the sky. The moon floated in the night sky like a boat with easy leaves. Moonlight melted like yarn, silk like silver water filled the small courtyard, villages, towns and land. In this poetic mood, people who have been working for a day are talking and laughing, and the players are preferred, as if the fatigue of the day is left behind. Late at night, people have fallen asleep, only the stars in the sky are still hidden. Early summer night, quiet and comfortable, that unique charm let me indulge.