I love my dog

作者: 袁煜   发布时间:2019年04月08日

  The dog is a spiritual, very cute and clever, and smart, and my dog ​​is such a dog.

  When she first came to my house, she had a big belly and was very happy to shake her tail. Her coat color was yellow with white, with bright eyes and two ears always moving. At first, my father wanted me not to be close to her, probably because I was not familiar with people, afraid of biting people.

  I always touch her head, and she sees me touching her head, always shaking her tail. Whenever she saw me coming over, she always shook her tail and couldn’t wait to get in front of me. Unfortunately, she was locked by the chain, because it would prevent her from running around with a big belly, so it would be bad if she was hit by a car. .

  Whenever the dog screams, it proves that she is going to pull and pee. When I came to help her solve the chain lock, she couldn't wait to go out. I almost caught my hand every time. When the chain is opened, she will run out like a fly, and I will take her to pour a tree, as if sitting, and then pull it out. At this time, if she pulls her back, she will be screaming in a short time, so she will wait for 4 or 5 minutes and she will pull.

  Soon, it was 4 minutes, and she suddenly jumped to a tree, and when she was half-squatting, she would pull up. Finally, I have a password to go home. As long as I make a sharp voice like a paparazzi, she will fly the same home (probably because her child is in danger!) I ran home with her, she ran It’s faster than me.

  Dog is the most loyal friend of mankind. Dogs are more loyal than any animal, and can even sacrifice themselves and protect their owners with courage and fearlessness.

  I love my dog!